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The Secret Great Vintage of 2009!

July 23rd, 2010 1 comment

The year 2009 was very good for

Botryotinia fuckeliana!!

 And as we all know, Botryotinia fuckeliana (Botrytis Cinerea) fungus causes the famous Noble Rot, which produces the divinely sweet nectar, that is the Sauternes Wine.
A good vintage of Sauternes needs many conditions to be exactly right and so a great Sauternes vintage is very rare.
Fortunately, the year 2009 was exactly right for the Noble Rot in every possible way, making the 2009 Sauternes, a great vintage indeed!
Sauternes, the Secret Great Vintage of 2009

The Noble Rot

It is strange therefore that there is not much buzz about the 2009 Sauternes out there!  Instead, every one is talking, blogging, Tweeting and reviewing the Reds, even though the record 2009 vintage is probably an even better vintage for the Sauternes than the Reds.  It is certainly more consistent!
So we start with “The Secret Great Vintage of 2009” by listing below, the best of the Great Vintage Sauternes of 2009, in three different categories as follows:
1. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Overall Quality
2. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Value 
3. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Investment
1. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Overall Quality 
de Fargues
Clos Haut-Peyraguey
La Tour Blanche
2. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Value 
Raymond Lafon
Doisy Daene
Domaine de l’Alliance
de Malle
La Clotte-Cazalis
de Myrat
3. The Ten Best Sauternes of 2009 for Investment 
de Fargues
Raymond Lafon
Doisy Daene
Doisy Vedrines
Our thanks to Steve Webb of Bordeaux Gold, who specialises in Sauternes, for the above information and for all of his help.
By the way, it appears that the best of the Great Sauternes Vintage 2009 is fast disappearing!
So those of you who really love the Sauternes, this may well be the time to act! 

Great Vintage Summer of 2009!

July 12th, 2010 No comments

There are some baby boomer friends, who get a kind of misty look in their eyes, when talking about the summer of 1969, the legendary Summer of Love.
Some of the wine growers from Bordeaux already seem to have exactly the same look in their eyes, when you mention the great vintage wine tasting!Great Vintage of 2009!
The summer of 2009 was apparently what is known as the Goldilocks summer for wine, when it all came together and every thing was just right.
It is said to be the best vintage since 2005. 
So how good is it?  
Well, some of the vintage is more than just good, it can truly be called great. 
But that is not the case for all of it and it is important therefore to  be very careful about what you buy.
“2009 vintage is like a Rubanesque lady, deliciously voluptuous in some places & showing lots of cellulite bumps in others!” Chandrajeet.
We do need to get the right information, so that we can go for the great and miss the not so great of the 2009.
There is no dearth of information though, in fact there is just way too much information around about this vintage, with more data being added each day!
The problem of too much information is of course very common in the wine trade, but it seems to have gone in Overdrive for the 2009!
There are already thousands of pages of comments and recommendations from hundreds of Experts, Special Wine Tasting Teams & General Wine Gurus, all providing sooooooo much detailed content, that it is almost impossible to be able to decide on what you really want!
What we really need is a simple list of the best of the vintage.
Also as no one expert can possibly know it all, we need to get the opinion of not just one expert, but of a number of wine experts, about the Best of the Vintage list.
That is exactly what we intend to make available for the visitors to this site.
We are currently in the process of connecting with as many of the VERY BEST of the Wine Merchants, Wine Growers, Wine Publications & Bloggers as possible.
With the help of the best of the wine experts, we hope to produce three simple “Ten Best” lists for the 2009 Vintage, without the very poetic and flowery but at times confusing details that normally go with expert suggestions.
The three 10 best lists would be as follows:
1. The 10 Best Overall from the 2009 Vintage.
2. The 10 Best for investment from the 2009 Vintage.
3. The 10 Best for value from the 2009 Vintage.

We hope to have the above 10 Best lists available here shortly.-
We will of course gratefully provide full credit to the expert sources of the above information and we hope that the users of this site will show their appreciation by using ONLY the above mentioned sources to fill up their wine cellars!
The picture above, courtasy of Cambridge Wine merchants.